FAQs - Gore Medical Centre


What are the opening hours for the laboratory?

The laboratory, which is run by Southern Community Laboratories, is open from 8.00am until 12.30pm each weekday.  Specimens can also be dropped off during this time.

  • Giving Optometrist phone number for making appointments
  • 48 turnaround for regular scripts
  • Explaining what happens on the acute queue

Why do I have to see my GP every year for a prescription?

When people take medication on a long term basis, it is important they see their GP once a year to ensure the medication is still the right treatment for them. Medications do change and improve, so an annual review is good practice.

If I have a telephone or video consultation with my GP, will I be charged?

Yes, a standard fee for service applies for these consultations. A fee will also apply to any advice provided to you by email by your GP.

Why do I need to have my blood pressure checked every six months?

When a patient is on blood pressure medication, it is important to have regular checks at the practice to ensure the correct care is being offered.

Why do I not get a piece of paper to take to the lab?

Lab forms are now sent electronically from your Doctor or nurse.

How can I reach the Optometrist to make an appointment?

Stewart Caithness Gray attend the practice every Wednesday and alternate Thursdays. To make an appointment in Gore, call 03 477 3440 or email reception@scgeyes.nz

Why do prescriptions take 48 hours to receive?

Due to the huge number of scripts that need to be signed off by Doctors, patients are advised it will take 48 hours to collect from the pharmacy. Patients can request an urgent script for an additional fee which will be available within 24 hours.

What is telephone triage?

If you phone and require an appointment for the same day you may be offered GP telephone triage. This means one of our GPs will phone you back. They will discuss your symptoms and decide what steps to follow next. If you need to be seen at the practice, they will have an available appointment.

 Is there a cost for this service?

If you need to be seen by a doctor or nurse for a consultation – normal fees will apply. If the issue can be resolved without the need to come into the practice – there will be a lesser fee.

Why does the telephone receptionist ask questions?

Please don’t be offended when the receptionist sometimes has to ask short, health related questions. The reason for this is to determine the best way to manage the patient’s enquiry.

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