If you have a medical emergency please dial 111 (03) 208 9222 email@goremedical.co.nz
Our practice follows the rules set out below whenever we collect, use, store or disclose information about your health.

Collecting your health information health information

When we collect health information from you we will:
  • only collect the information for the purpose of treating you (or for some relatedpurpose);
  • collect the information directly from you unless you have authorised us to collect the information from someone else (or we have some other lawful reason for collecting the information from someone else); and
  • tell you why we are collecting the information and what we will do with it.

Using your health information

We will not use your health information for any purpose other than for the purpose of treating you unless we get your consent or we will use your information in a way that doesn’t identify you (or where we have some other lawful reason for doing so).
Storing your health information

We will store your health information securely so that only authorised people can access or use your information.
Disclosing your health information
We will not disclose your health information to any one without your consent unless we have a lawful reason for doing so.
Access and correction of your health information
You can ask us to confirm whether we hold information about you. If we hold information about you, you have the right to access the information.
You can ask us to correct any information that we hold about you if you think that the information is inaccurate. If we refuse to correct your information, you can ask us to put a note on your information that states that you have asked for the correction to be made.
If you have any concerns about any matter relating to your health information, please ask to speak to our privacy officer Kerry Harrington